Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's been a while

It's been a while since I've blogged.

I forget who is even following this blog?

Anyhow, is it just me or is the economy still getting worse?

Anyhow, life in LA continues to be rather bi-polar, like my ex boyfriend.

One day it's all nice and rosy.

The next day it feels like solitary confinement.

People here really are completely selfish and self-absorbed.  I think that's the root of my unhappiness.  But tell me if these things would annoy you too?

I have a friend that hasn't worked in two and a half years.  And despite my trying to help them find a job, all they do is go to meetup groups.  They don't even spend their time being an awesome friend to me or doing volunteer work or anything.  I just don't get it.

True, the economy is bad and no one wants to work for minimum wage but this friend quit a job that was paying almost $20 an hour because it was "beneath" them.  And while I try to be supportive, having someone like that in my life just is infuriating.  They are also flakey and while well-meaning, it just amazes me.

If I didn't work for two years, I would get SOME job, any job, even if it meant working at the mall or retail for minimum wage because I'd be so BORED otherwise.

But people here are really weird and even if you go to school for 6 months, that's still 2 years of not bringing in one penny of income.  I can't imagine that!


When you're down, people here will try to "be a friend" by taking you out to a nice dinner or distracting you by, guess what, talking about themself.  Do they ever sit you down and have a REAL conversation?  Ask how you're doing and CARE about the answer?


And I think that is really fucked up.

My friend said I should go see a therapist.

Wow, I should pay money for therapy because people in LA, including family, are shitty?

Maybe THEY should go to therapy and figure out why they can't have a real conversation or show up on time instead of 1.5 hours late, if at all, when we are supposed to get together.

Everyone here wants to legalize pot but if anything, we shouldn't because we have enough flakey potheads as it is and they certainly don't need encouragement.

People on the east coast may drink a lot and drinking and driving, of course, is no joke....but at least the alcoholics I know aren't totally flakes and have good jobs and their shit together.


People encourage me to move.

As if it's so easy to move in this recession.

It's not like they are handing out jobs left and right.

Moving isn't so hard.

But what people don't understand is that I've worked for almost 15 years to build up a name for myself in this crazy entertainment industry.

Giving that all up is not something you can or should take lightly.


I can't stand the weather on the east coast but I miss the normal people there.  The  New Yorkers with the harder than stone exterior shell who, once you crack it, become your best friends ever.

While there are a LOT of amazing people in Los Angeles, it's a really hard city to live in without any family to support you or friends that aren't selfish.

Oh well.

What does it say that when I really got so frustrated yesterday and wanted help, the two people I thought of first are in NY and FL?

And they wrote me back within SECONDS to lend a hand and say that if I wanted to move, they would help me out any way they could.

Sad that I didn't think of ONE person in LA to call who would do the same.