Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why I complain

Complaining is bad.

Complaining attracts other complainers.

I shouldn't complain.

However, is it just me?

It seems that most people I know complain.

Is that bad?

It would probably be better to just focus on the good things.

However, it just seems to be such an easy thing to fall back on.

Like eating a pop tart for breakfast instead of fruit.

It's just easier and a bit more fulfilling.

But I don't think I complain because I am unhappy.

Sometimes that may be the case.

However I think I complain often because I'm a perfectionist.

I know it's silly.

Silly to expect life can be perfect.

But I think, somewhere at the root of my complaining, is this desire (or should I say this unrealistic desire) to make everything in my life perfect.

As in:

today would have been perfect, if it weren't for the traffic on the 405
today would have been perfect, if that crazy artist hadn't emailed me
today would have been perfect. if....

I still am trying to complain less because really, what does complaining get you?

Usually negative people complain and complainers are negative people.

And successful people often don't complain - after all would you want to be around YOU all day? A complaining, unhappy person?

Or someone who is happy, upbeat, and that loves life?

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