Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Did you miss me?

I was on such a roll with posts.

But then I stopped...because after 5-10 posts with no comments from you guys, I was sorta wondering, "is this thing on?"

Ok, so Michael is such a good friend of mine - he actually emailed me last week to say, "hey, you need to update your blog!"

Which is super cool. Because I see Michael once a week and he pretty much knows what's going on in my life at all times! So if anyone probably doesn't need to read my blog, it's him. Oh Michael, what a truly good friend you are! Now where's your blog so I can return the favor?

Anyhow, so let's see.

What to blog about.

Well, I was in Florida for a week. That was fun. I could tell you all about how guys in Florida are nice and police (and buy you drinks!) and how Miami has the most amazing beaches I've seen - outside of Hawaii and the Caribbean - definitely the nicest water that I've seen attached to U.S. land!

Hmm, I guess a blog is one of those things, much like a diary, that is easier to write in / on when things aren't going well. I guess that's why some songwriters I know constantly force themselves into a state of melancholy simply so they'll have material for their next tune. Er, sadly, neither artist I know that did this ever became successful. So perhaps the real "trick" is to be happy and write songs, maybe pretending to be sad, instead of forcing yourself into sadness just to write songs.

Anyhow, I digress.

I have no idea who is reading this besides Michael. Oh I have 21 "followers" and goodness knows how many millions of unregistered "lurkers" reading this. So I won't be posting my social security number on here anytime soon.

Let's see. Outside of having a breakdown right before vacation, I guess things are ok. I worry about and stress out about money way too much. And I can't help but think that isn't very healthy. I mean, did our ancestors worry about how to pay their rent or cell phone bill inbetween hunting for wild boar and gathering berries?

I think not.

In fact, much of my life these days consists of figuring out ways to escape the concrete confines of Los Angeles.

Some years ago, somebody told me LA was just a "concrete jungle" and while I never really noticed it then, for some reason, lately, it's hit me.

Yes, we need trees.

My apartment, sadly, like many in this city, overlooks nothing but grey concrete.

I grew up in Connecticut. And while the weather is sucky beyond belief, it was at least nice to look outside at hibernating trees and snow in the dead of winter than grey slabs of concrete. I'm pretty sure my state of mind would be improved if I had a view of a lake, the ocean or some trees / a park, ya know? I guess that's why all those NYC apartments overlooking Central Park go for so much!

Anyhoo, sorry this is a rather long blog.

And a bit egocentric, sorry.

But in case you're wondering what's new with me, here's a summary:

Er, cat has hyperthyroidism. She needs drugs.
Vacations are good :)
Putting out my first CD. Ha ha I bet you didn't know I could sing ;)
I hate Time Warner Cable more than I thought possible.
Am I the only one on facebook without my baby's photo as a profile picture?
Is anyone really happy?
Why can't cars drive themselves?
How can there be a Baskin Robbins in Beverly Hills that I've never noticed?

How about you?


marco said...


Glad to see you back. It would be interesting to see some posts on the music business. Perhaps the other followers are insiders and already have a perspective. I, for one, am not an insider.


jennifery said...


Thanks, I'd be happy to post on the music business. What are you interested in? Is this Marco from ??