Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Maybe I'm not good at pretending

Maybe my issue with LA is that I'm not good at pretending.

Most people here, well, many move to LA to become actors.

And the culture supports that.

We pretended for a LONG time that the economy was good when it wasn't.

Only recently did Angelinos start to talk about how terrible the economy was. That's how I knew things were getting worse, not better. Because normally happy people were finally admitting they were sad, depressed, or just plain broke.

Angelinos are great at pretending.

Pretending they have money by driving that fancy car.

When in reality they are in massive credit card debt and can't afford lunch much less than Beemer they are driving.

Pretending they are rich when they aren't by wearing expensive clothes, shoes or handbags.

Oh well.

Things will get better.

But in LA it may not happen for a while...

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