Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Being thankful

So this week is Thanksgiving.

And this year, more than any before, I feel very thankful.

I have my health. And great friends. And pretty decent family.

I went back home about a month ago, back to Connecticut.

Being home always puts things in perspective for me.

I never realized it at the time but growing up and in general, living on the east coast is very difficult. Just having to deal with the weather each and every day makes life hard.

Living in Southern California can have its challenges also. The traffic, the smog, the people.

But really, just doing even simple things back east in the cold can be a HUGE hassle.

Traffic or bad weather?

I choose LA.


Sam said...

Me too! Can't wait to see how LA treats you in 2009. Let me know . . . :)

k evans said...

As another exile from Connecticut - I prefer LA, too!

jennifery said...

Thanks Sam!

jennifery said...

Yes, esp in the winter we are so lucky to live in LA!