Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wow, 2 people are following my blog

Wow, I mean, thanks you guys.

I'm surprised that out of all my friends, I only have 2 followers.

Are other friends reading this? Maybe you bookmarked this page but didn't "subscribe" to it?

Man, do I need to promote my blog more or what?

Oh well.

If you're reading this, post so I know I have more than 2 people in my life who care enough about me to stalk me ;)


k evans said...

Uh, I never knew that you had a blog until today. Maybe I got a message before, but put it on the back burner as I rarely have the time to read these, let alone comment on them. But you are a special friend. You are the first true friend that I made when I moved here nine years ago! You have great energy and are one of the few people I know who actually does the things that they say they will do. So, good luck with your book! he hee!

jennifery said...

Oh wow, I thought I sent out a notification when I started the blog a couple months back.

I know everyone is busy. It just makes me feel a lot better to know that 8 friends are now reading my blog instead of only 2.

Makes a huge difference.

Thanks Kathryn.

I know you're really busy and you're always so great about making the time to email me (even when you're super busy with work) or to see me or call just because.

Please know that I notice that and appreciate it more than you will ever know.

I still can't believe we met in line waiting to see Jon Brion - I even talked about him in my Keane blog :-)

Libbycookie said...

yes, i am reading! when i stopped updating my poor blog, i got out of the habit of reading all my bookmarked blogs... but i will get back on the wagon. happy 2009!

jennifery said...

Wow, Libby - your blog even shows how to bake a pie. And with photos!


So nice to have you on board!!!