Friday, January 2, 2009

Should I write a book?

Of course, the answer is yes.

What should I write about?

I could easily write a "how to" book of advice for indie artists/musicians.

However, the two things I feel like I could write now are totally random.

One is a book about how to be frugal/save money. Hmm, I may not be the poster child for this but I feel like I could do a good job by observing what other people waste money on.

The other topic is motivational/self help.

Anyhow, I'll let these ideas stew.


Derek Sivers said...

No! Blog instead!

The problem with thinking about it as writing a book, is that assumes the old model, where you're going to write and write and write for months without anyone seeing what you're writing, and then when done release it to the world, only then to find out that nobody's interested.

Instead, start writing an interesting post every day or two here on your blog. Get feedback. Notice which subjects interest people the most. Which ones are most linked-to.

Do this for a year, and you'll find you've written a book. Then you can just put aside a little editing time to make a best-of your posts, improve on some things in hindsight, and release it all as a "book".

Jen said...

i could definitely use advice about how to not waste money...

jennifery said...

Thanks or the feedback Derek. But you can still sell a millions books and make hundreds of thousands of dollars from book sales.

Are any bloggers making that same kind of money blogging??

jennifery said...

Funny a friend was going to write a blog about that - money saving tips or what not.

Maybe that should be the topic of a new blog.

After all, in this economy, who couldn't use some tips on how to save money??

Now the only question is - I need a url right? Vs. or