Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I've come to a great conclusion

I've come to a great conclusion.

That, at this point in my life, it's going to be very hard to make any new, "normal" friends in LA.

It's sad but true.

Sure, LA isn't exactly a breeding ground for "normal" people.

I mean, people don't move to LA to fall in love and raise a family.

No, they move here to pursue their "dream".

Their dream of being a rock star. Or managing one.

Or writing a screenplay.

Or making a movie.

Etc., etc.

And with the cost of housing, gas, and the extremely HIGH unemployment rate, I fear anyone with any sanity has since gotten married, moved further away (other states, or at least the outskirts of Los Angeles), ya know.

Anyhow, I'm not sure where I went wrong, if anywhere.

Seems I've been focused on my career and all of a sudden, everyone has moved away - or gotten married and had kids.

Ok, not everyone.

But a LOT of people.

I wish I could settle.

I really do.

Because being single in LA, especially these days, is tough.

All my friends are insanely busy working 24/7.

Or not mentally "all there".

And hey, maybe it's hard to keep your sanity in this city.

I mean, my view is of a concrete wall.

Growing up in Connecticut, at least I had a view of trees and grass.

Perhaps you get to a point where you're too old to live in the city...

Where I'll end up in anyone's guess.

For now, it may just be somewhere with an ocean view.


Anonymous said...

As I write, I just realize how stalkerish this all is. I've been following your blogs for awhile and finally found the inspiration to leave a comment. Reading your stories relates in so many ways except I don't really have crazy friends. They are a bit delusional these days. As we approach our 30's they are still partying it up as if they were still in their 20's. Unlike them I seem to have an anxiety attack when someone mentions the ever dreadful 3-0. I don't know what it is about turning thirty. It seems as every where I go I can hear the fuse coming closer and closer. So I guess what I trying to say in this rant is that you are definitely not alone on your assessment.

jennifery said...

Hi Matt,

How did you find my blog anyhow? Hey it's not stalking if you at least comment once in a while, right?

Do you live in LA?

Ha you must not be friends with any women in LA in their 30's ;)

There is nothing wrong w/partying in your 30's, provided you do it in moderation right? However, if they are acting like it's a college frat, well, that's a different story, eh?

Thanks I feel like sometimes I'm one of the few sane women in LA in their 30's. Maybe everyone has lost their marbles lately w/this hellish economy. Did everyone sane get married / have kids / move away??