Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This year

It's no secret this has been a rough year for me - for many I suspect.

But the good thing is, this past year, as rough as it's been, has taught me who my true friends are.

A special thanks to Sarah and Ronna and Kathy and Leanne and Cory and Amy and Emily and Kaz and Michael and Kathryn and Jodi and Greg and Jeff and Jennifer and Stephane and anyone else I'm forgetting and even many of my "work" acquaintances have stepped up and kept me company on facebook and been better friends to me this year than people I've known for years who have fallen by the wayside. It's interesting (and a bit surprising) who your true friends turn out to be but you definitely learn who has your back in troubled times.

So this is the time of year I say thank you to all of you for reading my rants, for not unfriending (or defriending me) and for being kind, caring and supportive. For lending an ear, for "liking" my posts, for reading articles I've posted (even if we've debating or argued over politics), and for being a normal, caring person.

To you, I say thank you!!!

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