Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's up with emails?

It is just me or do you also get 3 million emails a day?

I have about 10 email addresses.

1 for family
1 for dailly use
1 for work - which gets 25-100 emails a day - as well as spam and attachments of songs and .pdf and .doc files and all sorts of crap from artists, publicists and managers from all over the world
1 for email newsletters, my Netflix subscription, other "junk" emails
Need I go on?

Anyhow, my point is, how do you cope with all your daily emails?

I bet some of you get HUNDREDS of work emails a day. HUNDREDS!

Now I've noticed some people keep their inbox clean by responding to your email right away. That's probably efficient and the smartest way to do it. Otherwise the emails just overwhelm you and eventually crash the company's mail server, right?

I'm silly. I try to prioritize.

I mean, some emails are just more important or time sensitive than others. So those get my immediate attention.

But you know what? Then I find myself with 2700 emails in my inbox.

Some of them are still sorta important.

Many are just email spam or newsletters and items I need to read.

I don't know about you but I HATE reading on a computer.

The loading, the scrolling, the reading and's all too time consuming!

Maybe I need a 300" monitor. Would that help? Probably!

Anyhow, the latest thing I've noticed is a lot of people just don't respond to your emails.

It could be an email to a friend. I email again. Still, crickets. What gives?

Am I going to their spam?

Are they really that slammed at work? (These days? Probably).

But still, after an email and a follow-up email - don't most people respond?

So, I'm curious.

How many emails do YOU get a day?

And how long (generally) does it take you to respond to one?

And why haven't you emailed me back? ;)

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hitsman said...

I use Other Inbox, an automatic organizer built into Yahoo! Mail. You can also use it with other mail products too: