Monday, January 19, 2009

I admit it - I watch a lot of TV...what shows do you watch?

I write this as I watch a Tivo'd episode of 90210.

I blame Tivo for the reason I haven't taken over the world yet or become President.

I have over 100 shows on my Tivo list.

In my defense, I never used to watch this much TV. In fact, I only used to watch "Sex and the City" and "The Bachelor" and a handful of shows...but because of my job, I actually had to start watching TV for work and now, as a result, I watch a lot of TV.

Ha, but in my defense, I multi-task and work or check email or read while I have my shows on. So at least I'm not a total coach potato, sitting and vegging out in from of the TV with a bag of chips.

What shows do you watch?

What do you Tivo?

I guess reality tv is here to stay....but at least people aren't putting leaches down their pants.


CenzLuccsMom said...

I had to laugh as I read this post! Lately, I have been watching so much TV. Not only watching it, but talking about and even posting to facebook about it!! I am hooked on 90210 too. And my other guilty pleasures are One Tree Hill and The Secret Life Of An American Teenager! Like you, I blame my DVR!! Its a wonderful invention! I never miss my fave shows, lol!

jennifery said...

Ah very nice!! 90210 is a guilty pleasure indeed!

k evans said...

I have about three weeks worth of the Daily Show and Steven Colbert - that I have not had the time to watch yet.

I guess this means that I hardly ever watch tv. I am just too busy or too tired.

Someone said that if you keep yourself busy, there is no time to be depressed. Well, that must be why I am a fairly happy person most of the time.