Thursday, August 13, 2009

Has anyone "defriended" you on facebook?

Ha, so in my continuing saga of crazy people in LA, I noticed that 2 of my ex-friends have defriended me on facebook. Actually, 1 on facebook and one on facebook & twitter.


Anyhow, I find it amusing and a bit ironic that the person that went crazy, yelling at ME for no reason, would defriend me. Wow, really? I believe that's what we call "delusional". Why is it that when you try to help someone, you're the one that somehow ends up feeling like they did something wrong? Oh yeah. Because "friends" in the entertainment business know the lame trick of "pass the blame" to escape responsibility when they dropped the ball. Oooh that's so clever. I'm at fault and a bad person because you f'd up. Riiiight....anyhow, back to reality....

And the other ex-friend?

Well, she might have more of a reason to be pissed.

Sure, not too long ago we were such good friends that we went on vacation together. Hell, she took the photo that is my facebook profile photo...and while on vacation, she was super sweet and amazing. But that was while we were out of LA and I was a guest on vacation in her home state.

What I just couldn't deal with anymore was the constant reminder than any conversation we had was 95% about her and 5% about me. Yeah, sweetie, friendships are 2 way streets. And really, I don't mind listening to you talk a lot. I talk a lot to other friends so I figure it all balances out!

Yet what I DO mind is when I listen to someone talk for hours and then they suddenly have to get off the phone when it's your turn to chat or share your thoughts, ideas, problems, etc.

Friendship is a two way street.

Sure, many friendships may be unbalanced.

I know I have friends where they probably listen to me and are there for me WAY more than I am there for them (sorry Michael ;) But then I do that for other friends and so the cycle continues...

And when you compound that with a friend who rarely wants to go out because they are constantly tired, poor and depressed, well, how would you deal with a friendship like that?

And then you get yelled at when you don't invite a friend out to a party on a school night when you know they go to bed at 8pm most nights. Yes, 8pm. Or 9pm. And they bitch about everything so why would you invite them to a party on a school night where there would likely be "no hot guys" for your friend to talk to and then you'd just have to listen to her bitch the whole night about it. No, I chose to take a happier, more cheerful friend to the party. Hmmm. So sue me.

No fun.

And then they defriend ME? Yeah ok.

I am actually happier these days having less friends in my life but not being flaked on and not having to listen to someone else's crap for hours only to have them turn a deaf ear when I need a shoulder to cry on. And not having to be around someone's crummy attitude all the time. Hey, I guess it's a good thing I'm not married, eh? ;)

What do you think?


jennhi said...

One girl, apparently a liberal Christian, defriended Stephane recently because she had issues with his anti-religion comments. Sure, he called Christianity a "death cult" but he backed it up. And his other religious friends joined in the thread and had a respectful debate. Not this girl. She accused him "and [his] friends" of "taking yet another opportunity to dogpile on Christianity," completely disregarding what actually happened.

I'm pissed at her. She's a writer and even had a play of hers performed in Hollywood, and he bought her book and attended two performances. Stephane will support his friends and go out of his way to do so. He did not deserve that kind of treatment.

Interestingly, I had posted something about Fox News being racist, and a friend of mine, a black ultra-conservative Catholic, took a lot of offense. Naturally I had put myself in a very awkward spot, but here's the thing: we're still friends.

Another friend got de-friended by a guy who frequented his status threads. My friend is a hardcore liberal activist, and his "friend" is a libertarian neo-con troll. When he defriended my friend, my friend posted it on his status and everyone who's ever had to deal with the troll cheered.

He talked about it "popping his de-friend cherry".

Craig said...

Is this a West Coast thing? :)

jennifery said...

Jennhi - Well I know they always say not to discuss religion or politics in mixed company. What I find "funny" is I support most of the posts on fb with my liberal agreements yet people sometimes think I'm on "the other side" - but I don't know if anyone has defriended me for my political posts. Hopefully not. Practically everyone in LA in the entertainment business is uber liberal.

Wow, a "death cult" might be a bit much...maybe you need to ease them into another way of thinking...people are somehow VERY easily offended, esp on facebook! Sadly, the girl you mentioned doesn't sound like a free thinker to me.

And yeah, people who are that hypocritical can suck it. I hate it when I go somewhere like to a friend's bday or something and then they don't come to mine...she must have been uber offended by it.

Agreed some people can take it and some can't.

In honesty, I've defriended a few friends on facebook....mainly for them being too snide/snarky to myh posts, over and over. And a few have defriended me...but usually that's cause we aren't friends in real life anymore..

LOL thanks for participating in my blog! The 'defriending' thing is so 2009 and weird...

jennifery said...

Craig - LOL probably! People back east are too smart to bother with this kindergarden shit.