Friday, March 20, 2009

Now I see why people are single

I had this friend.

I thought she was a pretty cool girl.

Let's call her Jessica.

Jessica was great. Fun, upbeat, positive. Would go out of her way for you.

Then I realized, like so many of my single friends, she has an Achilles heel.

Her date offended her. Fine, maybe he was a jerk. But then we go to a bar and some random stranger offends her. Does she walk away? Say something? No, but she's offended, offended, offended.

Then the final straw came.

I criticized an event she held and ppoooff all hell broke loose.

I hate to say it but for some of my single "friends" there is a very good reason they are single.

They have issues.

Or at least one issue that prevents them from finding a girl or finding a guy. Or maintaining a relationship or friendship.

I'll admit it. I'm at fault too. I'm too picky. No one is perfect.

But man, it's not only hard to find a "normal" boyfriend or girlfriend in LA - but as a woman, finding a sane single girlfriend in your 30's? Close to impossible.

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