Sunday, March 22, 2009

Women and sensitivity

I had this job years ago.

I had to ask this woman for a report for my boss.

My boss ran the company.

I asked nicely, "Hey, can you give me that report? We really need it."

No report.

I asked again, "Hey, you know we really need that report! Can you get it to me ASAP?"

No report.

She genuinely seemed annoyed I kept asking for this report, even though the head of the company needed it. Stupid girl, she had no concept of the "big picture" and that everyone needs to submit their reports so the head of the company could keep the company running with their information.

Anyhow, after the third time of asking, I was a bit more pushy, "I need that!!"

Well, I got the report.

And called into my bosses office for not being "sensitive" enough.


And I know it was a woman who "reported" me since she was the only one I had to chase down for the report.

And now, almost 10 years later, I'm confronted with more and more women, girlfriends who are extremely sensitive.

I get it.

A lot women are insecure.

They think their thighs are fat or their boobs are too small or they need to lose weight or their 'body part' was 'adjective'....

And while that may be solely annoying to their boyfriends and such, it also can turn into a major problem when they get older.

I think I understand why people get married now.

Sure, some women and some men just really want kids.

But maybe they also want an excuse to stay away from all the crazy women in LA.

I have exgirlfriends now. And for a reason. They have major issues.

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